Mission Accomplished!!

January 11 2012 is a day to remember. The day when Summerscent Family finished Tower of Chaos with flying colors. Everything went really amazing. I didn't expect that a normal TOC night will give me much experience I ever expected.

First of all, I left with the QoV quest that night. After killing the Queen I go straight to Adriana to collect medals and costumes that I really long for.

TOC Quest Completion will reward you with the highest Castilla Medals and 3 new costumes for Female Musk, Male Musk and Female Auch Infantry Soldier.

The top of the cake that night was the Greek Chroma Scout Recipe I got from the roulette. Really freaking awesome lol. Also my beloved factmates managed to get ELNr from it too. It's really unbelievable to posses such valuable armor recipe in my entire GE life.

Lastly I bagged the top 21 position on the world cross pvp singles rank. One more rank and I will be on the top 20 which is my goal for a long time. Definitely I wanna prove the worth of my Gorgeous UFO team^^.


Chity Chity!! Bang Bang!!

The family celebrated a very good end of year experience and started 2012 with a big bang. Before 2011 ends a lot of achievements are unlocked that gave me a hopeful year again to be excited playing GE.

Apparently, my Lionel already got his exclusive stance ”Punisher” and I have been enjoying using it whether raid or pvp. Sure thing Lionel is the best range dps in my opinion and I had proven his awesomeness through raiding without tanker and uplifting my worldx pvp rank. I’m thankful too about the GP promotion of IAH that made it easier to pay a 4B worth of stance book. I can solo castilla mines (although long and tiring lol), solo BH except BH occulta (since my Lionel got no good armor yet), also can finish Chateu de Bourgeone in minutes cuz literally Lionel can spacebar the bosses and mobs lol. My aim for him now is to get him good armor and an atk+3ar rifle plus atk+racial pistol so his true potential can be unleashed to the fullest.

By that, I had achieved my highest singles worldx pvp ranking no.23 thanks to Lionel. It’s the highest I got through my matches since my old team of Wiz+RE+Valeria is too paper-like. But spacebarring enemies got its downside too if you are aiming a position on top 20. Spacebarring only gives 1 or 2 points only, that’s what I notice in my matches. I don’t know if the point system is really random but nevertheless I don’t mind. I just play for fun and experience.

Nonetheless, I also bagged top 3 on the last Alliance War of 2011 and top 10 on the first Alliance War of 2012. All with Lionel's Glory haha.

First AW of 2012

Last AW of 2011

Apparently I managed to master some characters too including Rio and Lorch. Few of the irritating PVP characters to date haha, I had seen their potential at worldx and real time PVP and I don’t regret having them to Master Level. Luckily I got a human Shotgun from a quitter-getbacker seller, a sleek Dragonic Shotgun, which is one of my favorite equipment in the Dragonic series. The human Constellation Lute that my Rio uses is borrowed from a very good friend/ faction mate^^. I had been experimenting different combinations of characters so I really don’t settle any line up for team matches of worldx. Although my ranking is fluctuating, its still thrilling to team up with random players. You can experience anger (cause of leechers, afkers and no buffer/healer), or total happiness for some players with utmost initiative, tactic and confidence in winning. Honestly worldx PVP is the most awaited event for me in-game as of now.

Moreover, 12 on 12 is a memorable number for me. December 12 2011 when we first downed Tower of Chaos and I felt so proud being one of the main cast on it. Overall the raid is a good experience for skilling, running and being alert. Also I liked how the faction bonds inside it. The loots are really nice since we had been getting Greek Chroma Recipes and ELN Recipes. This is one of my favorite raid. Since I’m busy on the opening of 2012 I hardly go there now. But I hope I can go again now that I had finished my Loading Screen entries. We usually do 2 to 3 rounds of TOC per day and that makes the most out of GE raiding experience.

Dark Gemini

Queen's Throne

Queen of Valkyrie's Third Form

Mission Accomplished Weeeee

Speaking of Loading Screens, I joined the V9.5 Loading Screen Contest as a comeback from my past 2 years of last entry. It took me the last week for the event to decide to join. I worked until midnight to finish the 10 best graphic designs and manipulations I made through the years. Well I am really excited for our version 9.5 update and I hope late January we can have it. I am thrilled for the new RNPCs especially Ludin. Here are my works I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Goodluck to all ;)

Lastly since it's a new year, of course I must have a new siggie. I made a new forum signature featuring my hubby Lionel.

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