The Rise of a Magic User

There are 2 reasons why I made my main team to be a magic team:

1) I love magic users, cool effects cool and animations
2) Their items are not that super expensive (I think^^)

Almost all my masters are magic types and I have given them decent items so I can switch to any magic characters to play with. My second main team is composed of Elementalist (Champagne), Wizard (Hermione) and Scout (Cody). Though I need to boost Hermione and Cody to master.

To give tribute to my main team here is a recap of their stances and quests :



Fire Bracelet
Possession Fire
Fire Bracelet + Fire Bracelet
Evocation Fire
Domination Fire [v]

Ice Bracelet
Possession Ice
Ice Bracelet + Ice Bracelet
Evocation Ice
Domination Ice [v]

Lightning Bracelet
Possession Lightning
Lightning Bracelet + Lightning Bracelet
Evocation Lightning
Domination Lightning [v]

LOE Bracelet
Forgotten Magic [v]
LOE Bracelet + LOE Bracelet
Magic of Occultism [e]
Occultism Assistance [e]


Objective : end of Arsene Circus quest-line
Prerequisite : talked to Queen Hamaan using Emilia/Emilia the Sage*

* If you have not already done so, talk to Queen Hamaan directly using Emilia/Emilia the Sage. There is no quest trigger for this. This particular conversation is required for several other story and quest developments, including this quest.

1. Go to City of Auch to trigger the quest mail automatically.
2. Enter Villa de Libertad and talk to Simon.
3. Go to Port of Coimbra and enter Pegadilla to talk to Calyce. (Calyce will talk about this quest only after her own recruitment quest is done, i.e. Calyce has handed over her character card after the talk with Princess Gabrielle. Completion of Sagitta stance quest is not required. Creation of the Calyce character in barracks is not required.)
4. Go to D2 of Cite de Reboldoeux and talk to the Burgundy Palace Guard.
5. (Optional) Talk to Brunie, Eusebio, Andre, and Jack for some information regarding Chateau de Bourgogne.
6. Return to barracks and remove two characters from the active MCC team, leaving only one. (The Chateau de Bourgogne raid is a special raid that requires participating families to control only one character each.)
7. Go into the Reboldoeux Culverts. Follow the paths to 4th room (the one without mobs) and click on the area transition to the right to start the quest version of the Chateau de Bourgogne raid. This instanced mission is similar to the actual raid, but the general difficulty is reduced to make it soloable with a single character.
8. Within the mission, explore the first floor and defeat Prost, Emily, Celine, and Mario (any two of them will do). Click on the area transition at the end to move to the next level to confront Louis Arsene the 3rd. Louis is lvl105 in this mission. He will summon Prost, Mario, and Hellena to his aid as his hitpoints fall to various levels, but killing Arsene is enough.
9. Return to Simon.

This marks the end of the Arsene Circus quest-line. This is the main story quest for v3.3. (Yes it is this short.) Completion of this quest is required as prequisite for Hellena in v3.4 (below) and Master's Martial Arts in v3.5.

Objective : end of Chateau de Bourgogne pioneering quest-line, Hellena Character Card
Prerequisite : Ania and Emilia/Emilia the Sage (any level), changed map/channel after completing the Arsene Circus main quest

1. Go to City of Auch to trigger the quest mail automatically.
2. With Ania as team leader, go to Port of Coimbra and talk to the NPC Emilia.
3. With Emilia as team leader, go to City of Auch and enter Villa de Libertad to talk to Simon.
4. Go to G9 of City of Auch and talk to the Auch Infantry to enter the room.
5. Talk to Hellena. At the end of the conversation:-
* select the middle option to accept Hellena's request. Return to Hellena with three Elemental Jewels (10,000,000 vis each from Item Dealer) to receive Hellena Character Card. Return to Simon to complete the quest.
* select the last option to forfeit the chance to recruit Hellena forever. Return to Simon to receive Recipe - Dragon Heart* as compensation and complete the quest.
Choose wisely.

* The original "Recipe - Dragon Heart" reward has been changed to "Combat Manual (15 days)" in several other localised versions of GE, including sGE, so check with your local distributor for exact server settings before making your decision. Hellena is a required character for Arsene's Secret Vault raid mission in v4.1, so it is highly advisable to accept Hellena's request to recruit her to family.

This marks the end of Chateau de Bourgogne and Hellena's quest line. Regardless of your final choice, completion is required as prerequisite for the continuation of Emilia and the Holy Water Chamber's story arc in v4.0.

Emilia Guilliano


First Aid

Enhanced Tactics [e]

Tactical Assistance [v]
(Rod/Special Rod)
Incantation [v]
Rod/Special Rod
Darkness [e]


Objective : Emilia Giaiinio Character Card
Prerequisite : character lvl25

1. Talk to Emilia.
2. Go to J10 of Tetra Grand Corridor and click on the Strange Cask to receive the required quest item.
3. Return to Emilia and talk to her a couple of times to receive a new quest.
4. Go to E9 of Cite de Reboldoeux and talk to the Scholar.
5. Return to Emilia to receive Emilia Giaiinio Character Card

Reckless Emilia


(Rod/Staff/Special Rod)
Rod/Special Rod
Incantation [v]
Staff/Special Rod
Anathema [v]
Rod/Staff/Special Rod
Levitation Madness [e]


Objective : Reckless Emilia Character Card
Prerequisite : completed Master's Martial Arts constellation stance quest, Gertrude Peterson (Jean-Pierre Gascon) (any level)

1. Go to any major town with Gertrude in MCC team to trigger the quest mail automatically.
2. With Gertrude in MCC team, go to C8 of Port of Coimbra to enter Emilia's Research Center to start an instanced mission.
3. The mission is 15 minutes long, including approximately 1 to 2 minutes of NPC drama at the beginning. (There are more dialogues at the end, but the timer will stop for those.) Within the mission:-
1. Defeat Reckless Emilia within the time limit. Reckless Emilia has the following stats:-
Reckless Emilia (lvl135)
human / soft / none / medium
hp: 2,944,080
AR / ATK: 69 / 7370
DR / DEF: 69 / 177
RES: 50 all
2. With Gertrude as leader, talk to Emilia. (The timer will stop for these fullscreens dialogues, so take your time to read.)
3. Talk to Emilia again to receive Reckless Emilia Character Card.

The Magical Banner


Dark yet sexy.. This is how i describe my first ever blog banner. This is my main team composed of Raven (Reckless Emilia), Millia (Emilia Guilliano) and Angel (Helena). With some photoshop skills I manage to create a satisfying result to start my GE blogging. I can say I got the prettiest and sexiest gals on my team. Girl Powah!!!

The Magic has been Unleashed!!!

New Year, new patch, new faction. I haven't updated this blog for a very long time due to some circumstances (busy in real life preparing for board examinations), but now I am keeping in track of my GE life. So many things had changed and I got a lot of stories to tell. There is fun and sorrow, love and hate, fame and insecurity, friends and foes. Nonetheless this new chapter of my GE gaming had taken me into the next level of fun and excitement. I hope this blog become successful hehe
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