The Repression and Depression

The first half of September had been very fruitful yet bitter for the family's progress. Got some ups and downs that are really hard to get over, especially those things you wanted to have but the slippery luck wontt even pass by your itching hands.

After the great feat to recruit Lionel, the family continued raiding inside Byron Clocktower for some time. Just nice to finish the raid up to 10th floor since some suffer dc and x-trap errors. The 10th floor is mob fest with lots of painful hits here and there. AOE is a must in this floor since too many candlers can wipe the whole team if they are not killed quickly.

Moreso, the family started doing the alliance war quest from Simon Ayende. He seemed to need a medicine to cure the disease spreading at Auch, and the only one who can make it is Veroniff at Byron. In order to finish the quest and get the Affiliation Medal (e.g. Souveran Medal), you must get 3 bloody rare quest items. These are 2 Steels from Anchor at Fury Vergo or Mission Vergo, 2 Bandanas from Captain Pahar of Fury Vergo or Mission Vergo and 1 Claw from Sabertiger of Fury Rafflesia only. It took me a week to finish the whole quest due to being unlucky in getting all in single raiding. The bandana kept me hanging until last night since we had fury misssions again. The quest items are random like in Castilla.

Also the family attended its first Alliance War lol. Since it's MCC1 I tried bringing Helena in. It proves she can slaughter a lot and I ranked no. 19 in User Kill. Much tougher than the ordinary pvp since there is added buff inside but still my pretty Helena can manage to get kill counts. Just a sacrifice in using Principal Ampules but everything is fun til the end.

Apparently my Vis depleted so much and I have to wait until the end of the month to top up again lol. I started buying Stance Rings for my Major Characters and it drained my vis savings to the fullest. I bought and crafted Enhanced Tactics Stance Rings (Normal and Valeria), Shadow Sting Stance Ring, Occult Magic Stance Ring, Occult Assistance Stance Ring, Madness Stance Ring and Sect of Moonlight Stance Ring. Although I'm quite devastated about the remaining vis I have, these stance rings proved their worth until now. More damage and defense in PVE and PVP. My next target is to upgrade and chip these lovely rings.

The first update for September came to in Panfilo pot Luck. I think this is the most controversial and sought after update in ages since Punisher book is one of the major prize. This is also my first time to try it out and I proved to suck in this too lol (not to mention chipping and upgrading). My GP is drained like water with nothing but crap rewards. Spent 120K GP spamming but all in vain. The tolerable loots i got from here are the 777 Vet chip, 20 Ring boxes and Magic Crystal Grade 33. Other than that are all rubbish. I really felt scammed since not even the cute staff costume is on my grasp. There are some lucky guys at forum who made me feel even more bitter and jealous lol. But that's a lesson learned, never try pay events anymore lol. I go save around 2 to 3B for the Punisher Book. The ring Boxes also gave me tons of craps, only 2 are a rare treat. I got Infiltration Ring (Lorch Job Skill) and Leadership Ring (Lionel Job Skill). This is my worst GE experience ever and I hope due to my frustration to get Punisher Book, I won't do it again lol. I just wish they re-release Punisher in the easiest way possible. Screw Letizia Boxes since the keys are damn expensive now and the Last Hour Floor at Clock Tower seemed to be too farfetch to finish.

Well I wouldn't let the rest of the month be as bitter and sad as its like few days ago. I manage to bought Spirica's Repression and really kept drooling over it. I let my Reckless Emilia use it since it compliments her Violeta Set. After few hours of posing here and there, I entered worldx pvp to get it in action. Here are some stills of my new staff costume.

On the other hand, the journey of the family to the top 30 in Worldx PVP had been really hard and tedious. Team matches are quite easy since its group effort but the Single Matches proved really tough. I managed to bag positions in top 50 and I hope I can withstand incoming matches until I'm in top 30. This really helps my PVP skills and encourage dme to watch videos from the net. I also started using Individual Mode in Singles but still needs a lot of practice. Although its really advisable to have at least one magic/ range and 1 melee, I wanted to prove that my Line up (Wizard+Reckless Emila+Valeria) can win fights in the perfect skill timing. I am planning to capture videos next time if my matches are good and entertaining. Here is my current ranking.

Since its almost a week until the end of the month, I am opt to save and earn vis as much as I could to sustain my everyday raids and PVP. I'm really Looking forward to get Punisher Book since Lionel inspired me to use him as PVP character. I do hope he is worthy in raids too like my Helena and Calyce. Oh well GE life is a wheel. I just have to endure being at my low point now and hope for good things in the coming days.^^

Be Just or Be Dead!

The most anticipated patch has arrived to SGE. Welcome to Granado Espada Version 8.5. Here is the trailer of the fun filled update.

Recently I had been very busy at work and didn't manage to update this blog for so long. But so many stuff had happened that needed to be treasured inside Summerscent Family's memory bank.

First of all, the greatest feat of the family at the start of the update, recruit Lionel. Since I got work on the update maintenance which is Thursday and still got work on Friday, I manage to get Lionel on Saturday with just 1 run that day. Lucky LC is on the thrill of doing Lionel Quest so we made a full squad to enter the Tower. The raid itself is really long and tiring but with enough DPS its doable.

I played the role of normal Emilia when I got the quest items. We finished 8th floor around 3am so everyone felt exhausted to move on. But we promised ourselves to push through 12th floor when all LC member who wanna get Lionel is done with the quest. Hopefully a week or two we can set our foot to the last floor and get our chances for the Punisher Stance Book in the roulette.

Here are some stills of my in-game hubby.

Now the only problem is getting the rare stance book. I do hope I can get my hands on it sooner.

Moreover, World Cross PVP is launched earlier on 8.5 and got its bug fixes after the maintenance. This event s really fun for PVP players like me. All is balanced and just need the right skills to win it.

At the moment my highest rank is Royal for Singles and Commander for Team match.

Since the ranking is delayed I had reached Empire Rank just now and I'm gonna try to rise up to be in top 30^^

Run! Devil! Run!

It has been a while since my last post, like a year ago lol. First quarter of 2011 have been a very busy time for me in real life. There is no enough time to record my GE experience that much but now, as the summer is getting nearer, Summerscent is back for blog updates. Woot~

So many updates on the game and on my family in the opening of the year. Many lowbies are trained and promoted to veteran (see side character panel). Only 4 are left to be trained and I'm planning to get new characters to add in the family like Jose and Alejandro.

In the opening of the year SGE was updated to 6.3. A really heapful of updates had bombarded the players. Byron is such a cool place to see. I wanted it to become my default home town but no waypoint on it lol. Anyway, I succeeded to get butler Raven and trained him to veteran as soon as possible. Getting him to expert and his stance will have to wait though.

The addition of faction missions made a strong impression on the factions and strengthen their bonds. Its a nice way to earn and bond to your faction mates at the same time. The missions require teamwork and the loots are really worthy. I almost get DHR every week lol. I think its a buffer's luck. My family had decided to be a dedicated buffer for the faction. Although still in the process of learning, I got the basic guidelines to follow and help others as long as I can. My buffer team is composed of Rio, Grace and Valeria. Only Prelude is left unmaxed and being trained at the moment.

Meanwhile, I am halfway on finishing my Castilla Relic Quest with the help of my fellow LC. I lack Arito and Tempest quest item to end the plot. Tower Chaos will be a long way to go after that so I'll take things step by step after I reach Castilla Temple. I really wanted to raid together with my faction during Medusa.

In order to sustain my everyday GE living. I decided to do Castilla Mines solo until Phobitian General. But I planned a more complex way to raid, raid with other people. I organized a regular raiding team and I'm hoping it gets attention at forum. This can help other people who doesn't have any regular raiding partners as well. If you are interested you can check the side panel for link.

That's it for now. These are just short updates and I will post more from tiem to time. Happy leveling^^
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