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It has been a while since my last post, like a year ago lol. First quarter of 2011 have been a very busy time for me in real life. There is no enough time to record my GE experience that much but now, as the summer is getting nearer, Summerscent is back for blog updates. Woot~

So many updates on the game and on my family in the opening of the year. Many lowbies are trained and promoted to veteran (see side character panel). Only 4 are left to be trained and I'm planning to get new characters to add in the family like Jose and Alejandro.

In the opening of the year SGE was updated to 6.3. A really heapful of updates had bombarded the players. Byron is such a cool place to see. I wanted it to become my default home town but no waypoint on it lol. Anyway, I succeeded to get butler Raven and trained him to veteran as soon as possible. Getting him to expert and his stance will have to wait though.

The addition of faction missions made a strong impression on the factions and strengthen their bonds. Its a nice way to earn and bond to your faction mates at the same time. The missions require teamwork and the loots are really worthy. I almost get DHR every week lol. I think its a buffer's luck. My family had decided to be a dedicated buffer for the faction. Although still in the process of learning, I got the basic guidelines to follow and help others as long as I can. My buffer team is composed of Rio, Grace and Valeria. Only Prelude is left unmaxed and being trained at the moment.

Meanwhile, I am halfway on finishing my Castilla Relic Quest with the help of my fellow LC. I lack Arito and Tempest quest item to end the plot. Tower Chaos will be a long way to go after that so I'll take things step by step after I reach Castilla Temple. I really wanted to raid together with my faction during Medusa.

In order to sustain my everyday GE living. I decided to do Castilla Mines solo until Phobitian General. But I planned a more complex way to raid, raid with other people. I organized a regular raiding team and I'm hoping it gets attention at forum. This can help other people who doesn't have any regular raiding partners as well. If you are interested you can check the side panel for link.

That's it for now. These are just short updates and I will post more from tiem to time. Happy leveling^^
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