Rise of the Devil

Finally, one of the most anticipated version patches had arrived in SGE. Summerscent Family welcomes version 9.5 woot~

This update got massive content although some are still missing. One of the biggest issues is the non-existent Daria and Natalie on this patch. Many had been waiting for this duo to come along with Ludin and Veronif and they are really disappointed. I hope they will be unlocked soon.

Ok for a pre-9.5 achievement, the family already achieved the top 19th spot for the world cross singles division weeee. It’s really hard attaining this level since I’m using super paper team of Wiz+RE+Valeria. But every hardship got its reward so here it is; being with top tiered players is such an honor.

Anyway this is my current ranking after the patch. It’s really tough to get points especially if got DC from your opponent. That is why my matches keep failing. Its more of “Win some, Lose a lot” scenario. Oh well better try and try again. World cross pvp is my personal training ground so it’s all worth the effort.

As soon as I got in-game after patching, the ultimate goal for me that time is to get Ludin and Veronif. Since I prepared for the necessary stuff needed I got them in like 2 days (can get 1 day but since Lavaleaf mission got an irritating “blow up” skill that will surely let your quest fail with a squad).

I named my Ludin as “IU” after one of my fave Korean singer IU. Her cuteness reminds me of Ludin so that gave me the initiative.

On the other hand, I named Veronif as “Linnea”. Since I had a hard time searching for nice alchemist name, I decided to get the name from the famous 18th century Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus later became Carl Von Linne. Also it is a name for a flowering plant with bell-like petals and purple-ish color, quite cute in my opinion.

They are straight off to training together with their stances. They hit Master with max stance within 1 week. As of now they got no nice weapons but my 2 E. Behemoths and Veronif’s Diary are still in the middle of chipping sessions. I hope I can get atk+human or atk+3ar soon, as I really hate chipping a lot.

Just recently the winners for the 9.5 Loading Screen Contest was released and I'm one of the winners yey. I got the Ludin exclusive costume "Fireball" and 20K GP. So my Ludin got refreshing new look from then on. Not so long when I got hold of the unreleased Ludin "Brother" costume from a random vend on Auch with a decent price tag.

News of the Loading Screen Winners is here:


Once my new RNPCs are done with training, I decided to explore more of the 9.5 Content. New Bounty Hunter Missions are up so it became my daily solo raid. Good place for chips and e92 equips. Since I got work on weekdays, it’s hard to do all the available raids. So I decided to plan my weekdays and weekends raiding schedule. Maybe this can help others too.

Weekdays Daily Raids:

Rebo Brown Quest – 3 vet cards
Hunter June – 3 vet cards
New Pioneering Supply Merchant – EXP cards + Training Cards
World cross PVP

BH Skullic Dungeon – e92 and 92 chips
BH Bahamas – e92 and 96 chips
BH SCR– e92 and 100 chips
BH Occulta– e92 and Vet chips
BH ST– e92 and 96 chips
BH IWT– e92 and vet chips

JB Defense – e92 and Chips
JB Siege – e92 and Chips
Dead Rhapsody – e92, Viscount Ring and Chips

Castilla Mines up to Basilisk – Chips, Relics and Random roulette items

Faction raids if got:
Tower of Chaos – ELNr, GCr, Chips, ASO
Clock Tower – Chips, Narakas
Lifted Curse Pattern (Crow) – Chips, ASO Jewels, e92

Weekends Raids:

Do all weekdays’ daily raid

Faction Missions

World cross pvp double exp

Castilla Mines Full Run (solo)

Also v9.5 comes with few tough raids too. Since some quest needs to go to the Lucifer Castle, I explored the garden carefully since mobs here are quite painful. But I must admit this is the most beautiful map for me after Byron town lol.

Hunting King Ghecos~
Hunting Mandradoras~

Moreover, the faction decided to explore Time Paradox too and I never let the chance to slip away. 10 man team bravely tired to down it but its quite hard. This raid needs full 24 squad team. Although we failed the first time we took note of the different possibilities inside. Maybe next time we can down it for sure. Since the faction is preparing to down CT first, Time paradox must wait for now.

On a sidenote, I decided to contribute a little to the whole SGE community by becoming the latest CW reporter. Since I am a sports editor during High School, making Rembrandt’s CW juicy is not that hard hehe.

See my reports here:


So see you soon. Keep posted guys~
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